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Federal Student Loan Program to Achieve Your Academic Goals

What is a federal student loan? Does this question come to your mind whenever somebody mentions various types of student loans? In this article, you will find not only the answer to the given query but also much more about student loans.

The point is that there are certain programs that allow all students of the higher educational institutions to borrow money in the form of loans to pay for their education. The loans offered within this jurisdiction are generally affordable to all applicants. It is important to note that they are quite flexible when it comes to the repayment matters. Federal loans are usually cheaper compared to non-federal ones offered by private organizations. Additionally, all programs for federal education loans are accompanied by other numerous niceties that are hard to come by in private loans.

Some of these benefits include a possibility of loan postponement on viable grounds, check-off system repayment plans, an option for loan forgiveness or cancellation under specific conditions and at reasonable fixed interest rates.

Federal loans are probably the best option for you as a student if you have a certain career plan and want to implement it without a hassle. Therefore, you should not hesitate to apply for a federal loan in case you are in cash crunch.

 Available Federal Direct Student Loan Programs

Broadly speaking, the packages of a direct federal student loan program are categorized into four types:

  • Direct subsidized loans – these are the loans for all the deserving undergraduates and college students who are in dire need of finances to cover the cost of their education.
  • Direct unsubsidized loans – these loans are granted to qualified college, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students. The only difference from other categories is that all students are allowed to apply, not having to prove that they are in need of the loan.
  • Direct PLUS loans – this kind of federal student loans are limited only to graduate and undergraduate students to cover education expenses not factored in by their previous financial assistance.
  • Direct consolidation loans – as the name suggests, this type of a loan provides you with the ability to consolidate or merge all your outstanding student loans into one, after which the payments are made to a single creditor instead of multiple and scattered payments.

To qualify for a federal student loan application, it is vital to present relevant documents for the type of the desired loan from the mentioned categories.

Essential Factors to Consider When Going for a Student Loan Program

It should be noted that as you are provided with a student loan, it is a legal obligation that ties the borrower to repay the sum with a certain interest after the given period. As a student who wants to embark on a federal loan, you should be a steadfast and responsible borrower. The point is that these factors will play a significant role in ensuring that you are not faced with issues like bankruptcy, irregular loan postponement, and loan default.

For this reason, it is recommendable for such students to show modesty while applying for the loan and to borrow only what they deem adequate and within the needs of their education expenses.

Concerning a federal direct student loan program, it is vital that you understand the terms and conditions of the loan that you have applied for. Keep the copies and the loan relevant documentation since if you discontinue your studies or shift to another career sphere, it is required that you still have to clear all the outstanding loans.

It is also of paramount importance to settle the loans on time. Do not wait to receive a reminder for the repayment. It is a must that if you have obliged to make the required repayments, they must be in full and within the stipulated ground-rules in the contract.

We understand that sometimes the burden of repaying the loan might be too heavy to bear due to the reasonable grounds. Students having some difficulties with the repayment process can find relief in the fact that our operations are within the guidelines of the Obama student loan program, which allows for the loan forgiveness to the borrowers. Above all, the program was fastened by some checks and balance like the removal of subsidies to private lenders who provide federal-assisted loans, better access to the student loans, and reduction of the time limit of the federal student loan forgiveness.

We advise that before you seek the option for loan forgiveness, you should asses your situation based on the laid guidelines.

What is a Consolidation of Student Loans?

Very often the students who used the loans for their education ask ‘Is my federal student loans consolidation procedure ineligible to access?’ Do not worry because you are in the right place. First and foremost, federal loan consolidation is a procedure in which you acquire a new loan that is then solely diverted in clearing all the outstanding student loans.

Yes, it is possible to combine your student loans pay them once, but there are eligibility requirements that you have to accomplish to be allowed to forge in with your loan consolidation. Some of the elements include:

  • As an undergraduate or college student, your studies must be completed.
  • You must be currently making the loan repayments.
  • You ought to have an excellent diligent record of your loan payments. In this case, it is consistency that will maximize your chances of qualifying for the consolidation.

The brighter side of it is that when it comes to the consolidation of federal loans, you are not mandated to meet any minimum amount of money in consolidating the loan. We advise the needy students in any educational institution to opt for this type of student loans.